More Information About Biochar

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Supporting Articles
The following articles and websites provide additional information about biochar.

A great place to start learning about biochar, with many links to information and resources.

CNN report on biochar research at the University of Georgia featuring Brian Bibens, Christoph Steiner, and K. C. Das.

Cornell University’s main page for biochar information.
“Biochar: the new frontier”

National Geographic delves into the future of agriculture and how biochar can solve world soil degradation by dramatically increasing soil viability.
“Our Good Earth: The future rests on the soil beneath our feet”

Geotimes gives a brief history of terra preta and discusses how char works as a soil amendment, and the opportunities for carbon sequestration.
“Charcoal: Out of the Grill and into the Ground”

An Australian study showed char-amended soils that doubled and even tripled crop growth.
“Research confirms biochar in soils boosts crop yields”

A discussion of the history and possibilities for terra preta.
“Terra Preta: Black is the New Green”

A scholarly paper from Cornell University. Abstract: “At best, common renewable energy strategies can only offset fossil fuel emissions of CO2 – they cannot reverse climate change. One promising approach to lowering CO2 in the atmosphere while producing energy is biochar bio-energy, based on low-temperature pyrolysis.”
“Bio-energy in the black”,%20...

“The International Biochar Initiative”

PlentyMag article about “an ancient technique for enriching soil with charcoal that fixes carbon for millennia.”
“Farming with biochar could produce better crops and combat climate change”

Scientific American discusses how runoff containing excess nitrogen from fertilizer is creating dead zones in U.S. waterways.
“Fertilizer Runoff Overwhelms Streams and Rivers--Creating Vast "Dead Zones"

The Stanford University News Service reports on a study linking agricultural runoff to the vast “dead zone” in the ocean.
“Ocean ecosystems plagued by agricultural runoff”

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