How to Use

Apply Biocharm™ Biochar Soil Amendment in a layer one to two inches thick, then blend well into soil. Ensure Biocharm™ does not sit on top of soil but is blended in deeply to help plant roots. Water thoroughly after application. Use in vegetable beds, flower beds, potted plants, agricultural fields, orchards, etc.

Using two inches of Biocharm™ Biochar Soil Amendment sequesters more carbon and has a greater impact on your garden.

For use in a planter, use 1/3 Biocharm and 2/3 potting soil or 1/2 Biocharm and 1/2 regular dirt.

To amend each 10 square feet of garden:

  Depth to Apply     Amount to Use  
2 inches 4 bags
1 inch 2 bags


Trip's lettuce